All staff are experienced early childhood educators, who either has a degree in Child Development or in the process of obtaining one. All participate in a continuous program of in-service education and studies for professional advancement in order to remain alert to the ever-changing needs of today's families and to the findings of current research.  They are all CPR and First Aid certified.

Teachers and Staff Members

Huggable Hills

Lead Teacher

     Ms. Jennifer

Teacher's Assistant

     Ms. Jackie

​    Lullaby Lane


 Lead Teachers

         Ms. Lidia


Teacher's Assistant

          Ms. Dina

         Ms. Monique








   Ms. Shaquiesha Hampton

Executive Assistant

     Ms. Maria Tellez

Assistant Site Supervisor

    Ms. Megan Haney


Ms. Nancy


Ms. Edith 

Ms. Elizabeth

​Tumbling Ave.


Lead Teacher

     Ms. Shirly

Teacher's Assistant

     Ms. Astou

Growing Up Blvd.

  Lead Teacher 

     Ms. Stephanie


  Teacher's Assistant

     Ms. Jessica

Rainbow Road

Lead Teacher

    Ms. Gladys

Teacher's Assistant

    Ms. Mayra

Little Learners Dr.


Lead Teacher

     Ms. Olivia

Teacher's Assistants



Teacher's Assistants



Kindergarten Cr.​


     Ms. Megan


     Ms. Meilyn